Melanie Pfaff

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BACKGROUND In peripheral airways, acetylcholine induces contraction via activation of muscarinic M2-and M3-receptor subtypes (M2R and M3R). Cholinergic hypersensitivity is associated with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma, and therefore the identification of muscarinic signaling pathways are of great therapeutic interest. A pathway that has(More)
To obtain suitable cell lines for the immortalisation of human lymphocytes, we constructed a heteromyeloma between the murine myeloma Ag8 and human lymphocytes from a highly malignant polymorphic, centroblastic B-cell lymphoma. The thioguanine-resistant and HAT-sensitive heteromyeloma HAB-1 neither secretes nor contains cytoplasmatic immunoglobulins, the(More)
Administration of the photoactivable compound chlorpromazine (CPZ) to SKH-1 hairless mice via their drinking water (CPZ, 0.01%) significantly reduced the rates of accumulation and yields of squamous cell carcinomas induced by long-term repeated exposures of these animals to solar UV radiation. This protective effect of CPZ was partially reversed in mice(More)
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