Melanie Muehlfelder

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Activation of vascular mineralocorticoid (MR) or estrogen receptors (ER) exerts opposing effects on vascular remodeling. As we have previously shown, activation of either estrogen receptor subtype, ERα or ERβ, is fully sufficient to attenuate vascular remodeling in aldosterone salt-treated rats. To further elucidate the underlying mechanism(s) we tested the(More)
The cardiovascular system of a premenopausal woman is prepared to adapt to the challenges of increased cardiac output and work load that accompany pregnancy. Thus, it is tempting to speculate whether enhanced adaptability of the female cardiovascular system might be advantageous under conditions that promote cardiovascular disease. In support of this(More)
UNLABELLED Elevated mineralocorticoid levels and female sex hormones have been shown to confer opposing effects on renal injury, but their combined effects are still unknown. OBJECTIVE Identify the function of estrogens and of different synthetic progestins on aldosterone salt-mediated renal disease. METHODS The role of 17beta-estradiol,(More)
BACKGROUND E193, a heterozygous truncating mutation in the human transcription cofactor Eyes absent 4 (Eya4), causes hearing impairment followed by dilative cardiomyopathy. METHODS AND RESULTS In this study, we first show Eya4 and E193 alter the expression of p27(kip1) in vitro, suggesting Eya4 is a negative regulator of p27. Next, we generated transgenic(More)
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