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BACKGROUND The use of breast-conserving surgery (BCS) rather than modified radical mastectomy (MRM) for the treatment of breast carcinoma is an option for the majority of women (75%) with early stage breast cancer, but only 20% to 50% choose to undergo this procedure nationwide. The objective of this study was to identify factors influencing a woman's(More)
The pathophysiology of seroma formation has yet to be determined. Therefore, the present study was undertaken to calculate the incidence of postoperative seromas after definitive breast cancer operations utilizing electrocautery dissection. Additionally, we attempted to identify risk factors associated with seroma development and to examine seroma formation(More)
Tubular carcinoma of the breast is a rare, but distinct, well-differentiated histologic subtype of invasive carcinoma, known for its favorable prognosis. Review of the literature reveals controversy relative to the frequency of tubular carcinoma, the mammographic appearance, the incidence of lymph node metastases, and the need for axillary node dissection.(More)
OBJECTIVE To systematically review the literature describing the relationship between autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and peripheral hearing loss including literature recommendations for audiological assessment and auditory habilitation in cases where peripheral hearing loss and ASD coexist. DATA SOURCES Published studies indexed in MEDLINE (1948-2011). (More)
This study of 89 women who underwent 100 consecutive needle localization procedures for nonpalpable breast lesions revealed a 19 percent malignancy rate. These lesions tended to be small and had a 6.2 percent incidence of nodal metastasis. Needle localization also identified 19 additional patients who were at increased risk for invasive breast cancer. The(More)
Small bowel injuries following blunt abdominal trauma have been characterized by disruption of the bowel. With the advent of seatbelts, damage to the adjacent mesentery has also been reported. In this case report, an unusual presentation of damage to the small intestine was noted in that both the bowel wall and the mesentery were intact but two small areas(More)
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