Melanie Markmann

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A significant decline in human male reproductive function has been reported for the past 20 years but the molecular mechanisms remain poorly understood. However, recent studies showed that the gap junction protein connexin-43 (CX43; also known as GJA1) might be involved. CX43 is the predominant testicular connexin (CX) in most species, including in humans.(More)
Macrophages are important in the activation of innate immune responses and in a tissue-specific manner in the maintenance of organ homeostasis. Testicular macrophages (TM), which reside in the testicular interstitial space, comprise the largest leukocyte population in the testes and are assumed to play a relevant function in maintaining testicular immune(More)
Androgens play an important role for the development of male fertility and gained interest as growth and survival factors for certain types of cancer. Androgens act via the androgen receptor (AR/Ar), which is involved in various cell biological processes such as sex differentiation. To study the functional mechanisms of androgen action, cell culture systems(More)
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