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The Royal Dockyard worker in Edwardian England: culture, leisure and empire
This thesis is a detailed study of the influence of imperialism on the English working-class male during the period of ‘high imperialism’. Recent debate on the impact of imperialism on the BritishExpand
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Regional societies and the migrant Edwardian royal dockyard worker: locality, nation and empire
This chapter combines a four nations perspective with an understanding of social and workplace relations. It adds nuance to a monolithic interpretation of nationhood by examining identity makingExpand
Konsumententrends im Schweizer Lebensmitteldetailhandel : Das Branchenprofil 2015/16
Der Schweizer Handel wird durch eine stake Dynamik gepragt. Das Internet geniesst sowohl als Informations- als auch als Einkaufskanal immer mehr Vertrauen und Internetbasierte Services verandern denExpand
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Paternity Leave in Sweden : Heaven Or Hell ? Exploring the Linkages Between Gender Ideologies and Consumers ' Identity Positions
This research presents the stages of the construction of a new brand love scale. This scale is made of seven first order dimensions (Intimacy, Dream, Duration, Memories, Uniqueness, Idealization andExpand
The Interplay of Personalized Product Recommendations and Popularity Information
This research tests the interplay of personalized product recommendations and product popularity information. Although both instruments support consumers in their purchase process and positivelyExpand
Port towns and diplomacy: Japanese naval visits to Britain and Australia in the early twentieth century
The Anglo-Japanese Alliance of 1905 was a watershed moment for the presence of the Royal Navy in the Pacific. Although it allowed the Royal Navy to concentrate its fleets in European waters, thisExpand
Miguel Suárez Bosa (ed.), Atlantic Ports and the First Globalisation c. 1850–1930
ness and social networks during this period. Of course, minutes as an historical source do present some methodological problems. They often provide little insight into why certain decisions wereExpand
Consumers’ Emotional and Behavioral Reactions to Personalized Product Recommendations Through Mobile Apps
We analyze how mobile apps influence the effects of personalized product recommendations on different outcomes. Personalization elicits stronger positive emotions if communicated through mobile appsExpand
Global informiert, regional konsumiert
Konsumentinnen und Konsumenten informieren sich immer mehr online. Davon kann der Schweizer Lebensmittelhandel profitieren, wenn er richtig darauf reagiert.