Melanie M. Taylor

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OBJECTIVE We sought to evaluate the relationship between onchocerciasis prevalence and that of epilepsy using available data collected at community level. DESIGN We conducted a systematic review and meta-regression of available data. DATA SOURCES Electronic and paper records on subject area ever produced up to February 2008. REVIEW METHODS We searched(More)
The largest recorded Ebola virus disease epidemic began in March 2014; as of July 2015, it continued in 3 principally affected countries: Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. Control efforts include contact tracing to expedite identification of the virus in suspect case-patients. We examined contact tracing activities during September 20-December 31, 2014, in(More)
BACKGROUND Congenital syphilis continues to be a preventable cause of global stillbirth and neonatal morbidity and mortality. Shortages of injectable penicillin, the only recommended treatment for pregnant women and infants with syphilis, have been reported by high-morbidity countries. We sought to estimate current and projected annual needs for benzathine(More)
Editorials 559 Syphilis is unique among sexually transmitted diseases in that it remains curable (with minimal reports of resistance) with a single dose of penicillin , formulated for this purpose as long-acting benzathine penicillin. Pregnant women with untreated syphilis experience adverse birth outcomes in over half of untreated pregnancies. These(More)
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