Melanie M. A. Bisson

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Genetic studies have identified the membrane protein EIN2 (ethylene insensitive 2) as a central component of ethylene signalling in Arabidopsis. In addition, EIN2 might take part in multiple hormone signalling pathways and in response to pathogens as demonstrated by recent genetic and biochemical studies. Here we show, by an integrated approach using in(More)
Ethylene insensitive 2 (EIN2), an integral membrane protein of the ER network, has been identified as the central regulator of the ethylene signaling pathway. Still, the mechanism by which the ethylene signal is transferred from the receptors to EIN2 has not been solved yet. Here, we show that protein phosphorylation is a key mechanism to control the(More)
The membrane protein ETHYLENE INSENSITIVE2 (EIN2), which is supposed to act between the soluble serine/threonine kinase CTR1 and the EIN3/EIL family of transcription factors, is a central and most critical element of the ethylene signaling pathway in Arabidopsis. In a recent study, we have identified that EIN2 interacts tightly with all members of the(More)
The gaseous plant hormone ethylene regulates many processes of high agronomic relevance throughout the life span of plants. A central element in ethylene signaling is the endoplasmic reticulum (ER)-localized membrane protein ethylene insensitive2 (EIN2). Recent studies indicate that in response to ethylene, the extra-membranous C-terminal end of EIN2 is(More)
The plant hormone ethylene is involved in many developmental processes and responses to environmental stresses in plants. Although the elements of the signalling cascade and the receptors operating the ethylene pathway have been identified, a detailed understanding of the molecular processes related to signal perception and transfer is still lacking.(More)
The plant hormone ethylene is involved in the regulation of several processes with high importance for agricultural applications, e.g. ripening, aging and senescence. Previous work in our group has identified a small peptide (NOP-1) derived from the nuclear localization signal of the Arabidopsis ethylene regulator ETHYLENE INSENSITIVE-2 (EIN2) C-terminal(More)
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