Melanie Linda Maurer

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The interrater reliability of the AMP system and the Comprehensive Psychiatric Rating Scale (CPRS) was compared in a sample of 30 hospitalized schizophrenic or depressive patients. The CPRS proved to have on average a slightly higher reliability on both the level of items and primary scales. The reliability of the secondary scales was nearly identical.
170 hospitalised patients (96 schizophrenic, 71 depressive, and 3 manic) were examined during the German version of the CPRS. Based on factor analytical results four subscales ('manic syndrome', 'schizophrenic syndrome', 'depressive syndrome', and 'side-effects') and two second-order scales ('manic-depressive syndrome' and 'schizophrenic syndrome') were(More)
Conceived to combat widescale biodiversity erosion in farmland, agri-environment schemes have largely failed to deliver their promises despite massive financial support. While several common species have shown to react positively to existing measures, rare species have continued to decline in most European countries. Of particular concern is the status of(More)
Intensive agriculture, in which detrimental farming practices lessen food abundance and/or reduce food accessibility for many animal species, has led to a widespread collapse of farmland biodiversity. Vineyards in central and southern Europe are intensively cultivated; though they may still harbour several rare plant and animal species, they remain little(More)
Using a sample of 170 patients the psychopathological contents of the AMP system and the Comprehensive Psychopathological Rating Scale (CPRS) were compared by canonical correlations. The nine primary AMP scales predict 86% of the variance of the three CPRS scales. 64% of the variance of the nine AMP scales is explained by the CPRS scales. The secondary(More)
Objectives: Previous studies have shown the global burden of uncontrolled asthma, but similar studies have not been conducted speci cally for German asthma patients. e aim of the current study was to assess the impact of poor asthma control in German patients treated with ICS and LABA in free or xed-dose combination. Health and Wellness Survey (NHWS), an(More)
The interrater reliability of the German version of the CPRS was examined in 30 patients (18 schizophrenic, 11 depressive and 1 manic). All patients were examined by the same two raters. The agreement of 55 out of 65 items was determined using the kappa coefficient. Kappa was calculated concerning symptom present/not present and differences less than or(More)
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