Melanie Kuhlmann

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Vacuolar-vesicular protein sorting (Vps) factors are involved in vesicular trafficking in eukaryotic cells. We identified the missense mutation L967Q in Vps54 in the wobbler mouse, an animal model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and also characterized a lethal allele, Vps54(beta-geo). Motoneuron survival and spermiogenesis are severely compromised in the(More)
Screening of a tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) cDNA library resulted in the isolation of a clone encoding the bZIP transcription factor BZI-1. With respect to amino acid sequence, conservation of protein domains, genomic exon-intron structure and expression pattern, BZI-1 is closely related to CPRF2, OHP1/2, BLZ1 and REB, a group of bZIP proteins which have(More)
This chapter describes a transient protoplast co-transfection method that can be used to quantitatively study in vivo the activity and function of promoters and promoter elements (reporters), and their induction or repression by transcription factors (effectors), stresses, hormones, or metabolites. A detailed protocol for carrying out transient(More)
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