Melanie J. Rock

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BACKGROUND Dog-owners tend to be more physically active than non-owners; however, dogs have also been shown to inhibit physical activity for non-owners, under some circumstances. METHODS We conducted a scoping review to identify studies pertaining to the influence of dogs on physical activity for both dog-owners and non-owners, and adopted a critical(More)
BACKGROUND Many characteristics of urban parks and neighbourhoods have been linked to patterns of physical activity, yet untangling these relationships to promote increased levels of physical activity presents methodological challenges. Based on qualitative and quantitative data, this article describes patterns of activity within urban parks and the(More)
BACKGROUND In general dog-owners are more physically active than non-owners, however; it is not known whether dog-ownership can influence seasonal fluctuations in physical activity. This study examines whether dog-ownership influences summer and winter patterns of neighbourhood-based walking among adults living in Calgary, Canada. METHODS A cohort of(More)
Media advocacy is a well-established strategy for transmitting health messages to the public. This paper discusses a media advocacy intervention that raised issues about how the public interprets messages about the negative effects of poverty on population health. In conjunction with the publication of a manuscript illustrating how income-related food(More)
BACKGROUND Sampling in the absence of accurate or comprehensive information routinely poses logistical, ethical, and resource allocation challenges in social science, clinical, epidemiological, health service and population health research. These challenges are compounded if few members of a target population know each other or regularly interact. This(More)
This paper asks whether, when seeking to reach the public, interest in the health of pets merits consideration. Our data set consisted of 128 items from Canadian media coverage, 1996-2006, that dealt with bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) as well as with cats, dogs or both. Three main messages regarding pet health and human health were identified: 'do(More)
State of the art review: Promoting dog walking for healthy lifestyles" (2016). Abstract word count: 200 Abstract 101 Regular physical activity is associated with numerous health benefits, including the prevention of 102 many chronic diseases and conditions or a reduction in their adverse effects. Intervention studies 103 suggest that promoting dog walking(More)
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