Melanie Hempel

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The vairone Leuciscus souffia is a cyprinid fish that inhabits river systems in and around the Alps. The complete mitochondrial DNA control region (945 bp) was sequenced in 295 vairone from 22 populations in Central Europe. A total of 51 haplotypes were identified with a maximum pairwise distance between haplotypes of 5.6%. Phylogenetic analyses revealed(More)
BACKGROUND Plants and their heterotrophic bacterial biofilm communities possibly strongly interact, especially in aquatic systems. We aimed to ascertain whether different macrophytes or their habitats determine bacterial community composition. We compared the composition of epiphytic bacteria on two common aquatic macrophytes, the macroalga Chara aspera(More)
It was investigated whether quorum sensing (QS) mediated by N-acylhomoserine lactones (AHLs) was important for heterotrophic bacteria from the littoral zone of the oligotrophic Lake Constance for growth with organic particles. More than 900 colonies from lake water microcosms with artificial organic aggregates consisting of autoclaved unicellular algae(More)
Qualitative demands made on anti-NVg are enunciated. Apart from a short description of the production and directions for the use indications for testing the specific effect, the purity and the titre are given. Furthermore, serological peculiarities of the anti-NVg for special questions are reported. Anti-NVg shall enlarge the series of the out superseding(More)
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