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Previously conducted reproduction and teratology studies in rats (unpublished observations) exposed to fluoxetine have revealed no compound-related adverse effects on fertility and no teratogenic effects. In order to confirm embryonic/fetal exposure to fluoxetine and/or metabolites, dissection and whole-body autoradiographic techniques were utilized to(More)
Intracranial self-stimulation (ICSS) from the dopamine (DA) A9 cell grouping was evaluated in mice following pimozide administration in both a one hole head dipping task and a two hole discrimination paradigm. While pimozide reliably decreased response rates, choice accuracy in the discrimination paradigm was unaffected by the drug treatment. The data were(More)
Common loons (Gavia immer) can be exposed to relatively high levels of dietary methylmercury (MeHg) through fish consumption, and several studies have documented MeHg-associated health effects in this species. To further study the neurological risks of MeHg accumulation, migrating loons dying of Type E botulism were collected opportunistically from the Lake(More)
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