Melanie Gilbert

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In most peer-to-peer systems, edge resources self-organize into overlay networks. At the core of Freenet-style peer-to-peer systems are insert and request algorithms that dynamically change the overlay network and replicate files on demand. We ran simulations to test how effective these algorithms are at improving the performance of subsequent queries. Our(More)
Topical treatment of severe ocular infections may require the use of antibiotics fortified in concentration beyond commercially available preparations. The authors studied tear pharmacokinetics, tissue bioavailability, epithelial toxicity, and comparative antibacterial efficacy of topical tobramycin concentrations ranging from 0.3-5.0%. Tear(More)
OBJECTIVE The electrically-evoked stapedial reflex threshold (eSRT) has proven to be useful in setting upper stimulation levels of cochlear implant recipients. However, the literature suggests that the reflex can be difficult to observe in a significant percentage of the population. The primary goal of this investigation was to assess the difference in eSRT(More)
Oral pigmented lesions are uncommon and congenital melanocytic nevi are especially rare. We report a case of a patient with multiple congenital melanocytic nevi including a palatal lesion. This is reported to add to the scant literature that exists on this subject. Prognosis and management are discussed.
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