Melanie Diefenbacher

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TOR is a structurally and functionally conserved Ser/Thr kinase found in two multiprotein complexes that regulate many cellular processes to control cell growth. Although extensively studied, the localization of TOR is still ambiguous, possibly because endogenous TOR in live cells has not been examined. Here, we examined the localization of green(More)
Human fungal infections represent a therapeutic challenge. Although effective strategies for treatment are available, resistance is spreading, and many therapies have unacceptable side effects. A clear need for novel antifungal targets and molecules is thus emerging. Here, we present the identification and characterization of the plant-derived diyne-furan(More)
The small GTPase Ypt1p of the Rab family is required for docking of ER-derived transport vesicles with the Golgi prior to fusion. However, the identity of the Rab protein that mediates docking of Golgi-derived COPI vesicles with the ER in retrograde transport remains elusive. Here, we show that in yeast Ypt1p is essential for retrograde transport from the(More)
Intracellular transport is largely dependent on vesicles that bud off from one compartment and fuse with the target compartment. The first contact of an incoming vesicle with the target membrane is mediated by tethering factors. The tethering factor responsible for recruiting Golgi-derived vesicles to the ER is the Dsl1 tethering complex, which is comprised(More)
Das maligne Melanom erfolgreich behandeln zu können bedeutet derzeit, den Tumor in einem frühen Stadium zu entdecken und operativ zu beseitigen. Eine Verbesserung des Überlebens insbesondere in der palliativen Situation ist, von Einzelfällen abgesehen, mit den verfügbaren Therapieoptionen nicht möglich. Innovative experimentelle Ansätze werden daher(More)
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