Melanie D Woitaske

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Coccidioides immitis is a fungal pathogen of humans and is classified as a Select Agent. We have identified a new potential vaccine candidate for this pathogen using cDNA expression library immunization (ELI). A C. immitis spherule-phase cDNA library containing 800-1000 genes was divided into 10 pools and each was tested for its protective capacity in(More)
Tourniquets frequently used during surgery involve tissue ischemia followed by postoperative reperfusion. However, little information is available on the functional consequences of this procedure in skeletal muscle. The goal of this study was to use skeletal muscles of C57BL/6 adult male mice to assess functional, structural, and biochemical characteristics(More)
We investigated secondary immunity against coccidioidomycosis by using gene expression microarrays. Surprisingly, a high percentage of B-cell-related genes were associated with protective immunity. A functional confirmation of the importance of B cells against coccidioidomycosis was achieved by demonstrating that vaccination was not fully protective in(More)
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