Melanie Caserta

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8549 Background: Timing and frequency of non occlusive (nO) or occlusive (O) CVCrT in cancer patients (pts) remain unclear. In this randomized controlled trial we studied these points and evaluated the efficacy and safety of short-term prophylaxis with A or D in the prevention of CVCrT. METHODS Consecutive cancer pts without contraindications to(More)
Two patients aged two and four years came to our observation with "angio-oedema" and relapsing hypodermitis. Atopic diseases were present in both family histories. The clinical examination of both children revealed a good nutritional status, the presence of angio-oedema with fleeting (48 hours max length) and localized hypodermic infiltrations. Amongst(More)
BACKGROUND The success of the neurolytic celiac plexus block, despite different approaches and methods used, depends on adequate spread of the injectate in the celiac area. This retrospective study was conducted to evaluate the patterns of alcohol spread and pain relief in patients with cancer or therapy-related anatomic distortion of the celiac area. (More)
Extra-adrenal paragangliomas of the urinary bladder are rare. Typically, patients present with symptoms related to catecholamine hypersecretion or mass effect, but these tumors can also be encountered incidentally on imaging studies obtained for a different purpose. It is important to recognize the key imaging features of this entity so that it may be(More)
Pain in cancer patients is often related to oncologic therapies and diagnostic procedures. The placement of fully implantable venous access systems is a very common procedure in oncology patients. Local anaesthesia is the method most commonly used to overcome pain related to this surgical procedure, but the local anaesthetic may be unable to completely(More)
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