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BACKGROUND Hypoxia-inducible factor-1 (HIF-1) overexpression has been linked to tumor progression and poor prognosis. We investigated whether targeting of HIF-1 using chetomin, a disrupter of the interaction of HIF-1 with the transcriptional coactivator p300, influences the radiosensitivity of hypoxic HT 1080 human fibrosarcoma cells. METHODS Optimal dose(More)
BACKGROUND Pre- and early clinical studies on patients with autoimmune diseases suggested that induction of regulatory T(T(reg)) cells may contribute to the immunosuppressive effects of glucocorticoids (GCs). OBJECTIVE We readdressed the influence of GC therapy on T(reg) cells in immunocompetent human subjects and naïve mice. METHODS Mice were treated(More)
Diets with protein of inferior quality may increase protein breakdown in skeletal muscle but the experimental results are inconsistent. To elucidate the relationship, pigs were fed isoenergetic and isonitrogenous diets based on soyabean-protein isolate or casein for 15 weeks, with four to six animals per group. A higher plasma level of urea (2.5-fold the(More)
The multi-tyrosine kinase inhibitor sunitinib is used in the treatment of several solid tumors. Animal experiments pointed to an adrenotoxic effect of sunitinib. Therefore, we evaluated the expression of key targets of sunitinib in human adrenocortical carcinoma (ACC) tumor samples and investigated its in vitro effects in ACC cell lines. We carried out(More)
1. Kinetic experimetns were done with pepsin (EC using haemoglobin as a substrate in the presence of different metal cations. 2. The activation of peptic hydrolysis with higher concentration of cupric ions added to the reaction mixture was determined from turnover-rate curves in experiments with constant substrate concentration. With a Cu2+(More)
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