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Semiconductors are key materials in modern electronics and are widely used to build, for instance, transistors in integrated circuits as well as thermoelectric materials for energy conversion, and there is a tremendous interest in the development and improvement of novel materials and technologies to increase the performance of electronic devices and(More)
The element chemistry of phosphorus is one the most complex but also one of the most exciting of all chemical elements. Both the element and the binary and ternary derivatives show a great diversity in terms of reactivity, structural chemistry, and physical properties, such as polymorphism, magnetism, and superconductivity, and are applied, for example, as(More)
[Cd3Cu]CuP10, a polyphosphide containing adamantine-analogue [P10] unit undergoes a solid-state polymerization to form [P6] rings and tubular [P26] polymer units at elevated temperatures. This reaction represents the rare case of a polyphosphide polymerization in the solid state. The formation of such a polymeric unit starting from a molecular precursor is(More)
The silver zinc hexa-deca-phosphide Ag3.73(4)Zn2.27(4)P16 is the first polyphosphide in the ternary system Ag/Zn/P. It was synthesized from stoichiometric mixtures of Ag, Zn and P in the molar ratio 4:2:16, using AgI as a mineralizing agent in a gas-phase-assisted reaction. Ag3.73(4)Zn2.27(4)P16 crystallizes in the Cu5InP16 structure type. The asymmetric(More)
Two new silver (poly)chalcogenide halides, Ag23Te12Cl and Ag23Te12Br, were characterized by powder X-ray phase analysis, energy dispersive X-ray analysis, and crystal structure determinations at various temperatures. Thermal analyses of both compounds and electrochemical measurements for the bromide completed the investigation. The compounds Ag23Te12X (X =(More)
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