Melanie Bauch

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During early seed development, nuclear divisions in the endosperm are not followed by cell division, leading to the development of a syncytium. The simple organization of the Arabidopsis endosperm provides a model in which to study the regulation of the cell cycle in relation to development. To monitor nuclear divisions, we constructed a HISTONE 2B::YELLOW(More)
The acoABCL and acuABC operons of Bacillus licheniformis DSM13 are strongly induced at the transcriptional level during glucose starvation conditions. Primer extension analyses of this study indicate that the acoABCL operon is controlled by a sigmaL-dependent promoter and the acuABC operon by a sigmaA-dependent promoter. Transcription at the acoA promoter(More)
Conjugative shuttle vectors of the pKVM series, based on an IncP transfer origin and the pMAD vector with a temperature sensitive replication were constructed to establish a markerless gene deletion protocol for Bacilli without natural competence such as the exoenzyme producer Bacillus licheniformis. The pKVM plasmids can be conjugated to strains of B.(More)
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