Melanie A. Jackson

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Hospital work involves some of the most stressful situations found in any workplace. Furthermore, hospital workers may be affected by non-work-related stress such as family responsibilities and financial difficulties, leading to impaired mental well-being and suboptimal performance. The aim of this study was to assess the level of general mental well-being(More)
Small doses of glucagon given subcutaneously in the research setting by an automated system prevent most cases of hypoglycemia in persons with diabetes. However, glucagon is very unstable and cannot be kept in a portable pump. Glucagon rapidly forms amyloid fibrils, even within the first day after reconstitution. Aggregation eventually leads to insoluble(More)
BACKGROUND homebirth for low risk women attended by competent midwives who are networked within a responsive maternity care service is supported by research as safe. Concerns exist over the safety of homebirths which are unattended by trained health professionals, or for women with medically defined risk factors. Both these birth choices are unsupported by(More)
The responses of a group of all unmarried, sexually active teenagers in a developing country to offers of contraceptive service were assessed in a prospective, 30-month study at a teaching hospital family planning center. Teenagers of this group constituted 7.2% of the clinic population. The default rate was very high (43.0%) and was most noticeable among(More)
Audio stream segregation is a task performed constantly by the human auditory system, yet is difficult to reproduce with a computer. The research detailed in this paper looks at performing just one method of stream segregation the temporal coherence boundary using a fuzzy clustering system. The main focus of the paper is on examining the effectiveness of(More)
Risk or presence of metastasis in medulloblastoma causes substantial treatment-related morbidity and overall mortality. Through the comparison of cytokines and growth factors in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) of metastatic medulloblastoma patients with factors also in conditioned media of metastatic MYC amplified medulloblastoma or leptomeningeal cells, we(More)
Glucagon is unstable and undergoes degradation and aggregation in aqueous solution. For this reason, its use in portable pumps for closed loop management of diabetes is limited to very short periods. In this study, we sought to identify the degradation mechanisms and the bioactivity of specific degradation products. We studied degradation in the alkaline(More)