Melania Simón

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Teachers commonly report voice problems and often seek medical assistance for voice-related complaints. Despite the prevalence of voice disorders within this occupation, there are no studies evaluating the effectiveness of treatment programs designed to remedy the voice problems of teachers. To assess the functional effects of two voice therapy approaches,(More)
AIM To validate the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder assessment scale (EDAH) for a teenage population. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Out of an initial sample of 3400 participants, a final sample of 2382 boys and girls was selected. This reduction in the number of participants was mainly due to parents' failing to sign the informed consent document (948(More)
AIM To validate the rating (assessment) scale for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (EDAH) in Canarian population of primary education. SUBJECTS AND METHODS From a sample of 2,500 children, you get a subsample with those participants who have a higher scores at 75 percentile in each of the factors that make up the test (n = 614), of which 222 are(More)