Melania Carfagna

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From the first demonstration that insects are capable of discriminating colours, obtained by Frisch with bees in 1915, a vast amount of information has been accumulated in the past fifty years. The first experimental methods, which permitted a general investigation of insect response to stimulation by coloured objects or by monochromatic light ('behaviour(More)
We prove theoretically that when a soft solid is subjected to an extreme deformation, wrinkles can form on its surface at an angle that is oblique to a principal direction of stretch. These oblique wrinkles occur for a strain that is smaller than the one required to obtain wrinkles normal to the direction of greatest compression. We go on to explain why(More)
Tumor spheroids constitute an effective in vitro tool to investigate the avascular stage of tumor growth. These three-dimensional cell aggregates reproduce the nutrient and proliferation gradients found in the early stages of cancer and can be grown with a strict control of their environmental conditions. In the last years, new experimental techniques have(More)
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