Mel Siegal

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Dosage compensation is the process by which the expression levels of sex-linked genes are altered in one sex to offset a difference in sex-chromosome number between females and males of a heterogametic species. Degeneration of a sex-limited chromosome to produce heterogamety is a common, perhaps unavoidable, feature of sex-chromosome evolution. Selective(More)
  • Mel Siegal
  • 1998
Ultrasonic imaging of " flesh and blood " is vulnerable to the natural variability of these media: the speed of sound is not known, not constant, and not amenable to calibration using simply shaped manufactured samples. When images of high dimensional accuracy are needed, as for image-guided surgery, the " average " or " typical " values used in diagnostic(More)
Directional cloning is a convenient means of generating recombinant DNA molecules with a minimal background of undesired clones. By using two restriction enzymes that produce hetero-logous ends, one can minimize vector self-ligation, thereby reducing the amount of work necessary to identify recombinant clones, especially when lac Z blue-white screening is(More)
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