Melánia Babincová

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Magnetic nanoparticles for therapy and diagnosis are at the leading edge of the rapidly developing field of bionanotechnology. In this study, we have theoretically studied motion of magnetic nano- as well as micro-particles in the field of cylindrical Halbach array of permanent magnets. Magnetic flux density was modeled as magnetostatic problem by finite(More)
Antioxidant capabilities of scoparone, the component of Artemisia scoparia and other medicinal plants, against lipid peroxidation induced by ultraviolet radiation or Fenton reaction have been analyzed. Lipid peroxidation was monitored by measuring the absorption spectra of the conjugated dienes and quantified by the Klein oxidation index. Obtained results(More)
A new approach is proposed to model a collective ion channel dynamics. We have assumed that ion channels create a two-component spatio-temporal interaction field. Every channel at its current spatial location in membrane contributes permanently to this field with its state (open or closed) and coupling strength to other channels. This field is described by(More)
A simple method is proposed for the treatment of the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) by introducing into the blood stream magnetoliposomes with coupled human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) receptor proteins. After some time lag, needed for binding of HIV and HIV-infected cells to magnetoliposomes, the arterio-venous shunt, as used with dialysis(More)
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