Meizhen Huang

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A new alkaloid designated as aspergicin (1), together with a previous secondary metabolite, neoaspergillic acid (2), and a common compound, ergosterol (3), were isolated from the mixed cultured mycelia of two marine-derived mangrove epiphytic Aspergillus sp. fungi. Extensive application of 1D and 2D NMR techniques was made to characterize the structure and(More)
Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) has been a powerful tool for applications including single molecule detection, analytical chemistry, electrochemistry, medical diagnostics and bio-sensing. Especially, flexible SERS substrates are highly desirable for daily-life applications, such as real-time and in situ Raman detection of chemical and biological(More)
Abstract: A diverse array of bioactive compounds have been isolated and characterized from the mangrove plant Avicennia marina and its endophytes. Extensive chemical investigations of the different parts (barks, leaves, twigs, etc.) of the mangrove plant A. marina and its endophytes (mainly endophytic fungi) resulted in the reporting of the isolation of 123(More)
Tailoring resistance response using periodic nanostructures is one of the key issues in the current research. Two-dimensional colloidal crystals (CCs) structure is one of popular periodic nanospheres' structures and most of reports are focused on anomalous transmission of light or biomedical applications. In this work, a light-induced resistance effect is(More)
A novel fast wavelength calibration method for spectrometers based on a standard spectrometer and a double metal-cladding waveguide comb optical filter (WCOF) is proposed and demonstrated. By using the WCOF device, a wide-spectrum beam is comb-filtered, which is very suitable for spectrometer wavelength calibration. The influence of waveguide filter's(More)
A new scheme is proposed to measure the electro-optical (EO) and converse-piezoelectric (CPE) coefficients of the PMN-PT ceramics simultaneously, in which the PMN-PT ceramics acts as the guiding layer of a symmetrical metal-cladding waveguide. As the applied electric field exerts on the waveguide, the effective refractive index (RI) (or synchronous angle)(More)
Owing to the innate stabilization of built-in potential in p-n junction or metal-oxide-semiconductor structure, the sensitivity and linearity of most lateral photovoltaic effect (LPE) devices is always fixed after fabrication. Here we report a nonvolatile and tunable switching effect of lateral photo-voltage (LPV) in Cu dusted ultrathin(More)
Anthracycline antibiotics now were used extensively as clinic medicines, but new anthracyclines with novel bioactivities are still urgently needed because of the drug-resistant problem. During our screening for lead compounds from marine fungi from the South China Sea, three anthraquinones (1-3) were found to be produced by the marine-derived endophytic(More)
A biosensor capable of highly sensitive detection of trace chromium (VI) with a simple hollow-core metal-cladding waveguide (HCMW) structure is theoretically modeled and experimentally demonstrated. Owing to the high sensitivity of the excited ultrahigh-order modes in the waveguide, a tiny variation of the extinction coefficients in the waveguide guiding(More)
In this study, we report our finding of laser-induced resistance effect in metal-oxide-semiconductor (MOS) structure of Cr/SiO(2)/Si. Under the irradiation of a laser beam, the effect shows a large linear resistance change ratio of 92% with a spatial sensitivity of 0.79 MΩ/mm. In particular, by the application of an external magnetic field perpendicular to(More)
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