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Advisor: Bai Cui Molybdenum aluminum boride (MoAlB) is a ternary transition metal boride which has promising aeronautic and nuclear applications. It inheres excellent properties of the binary transitional metal borides (e.g., MoB, ZrB2) such as high melting temperature, high hardness, and thermal conductivity. Besides, MoAlB is superior to MoB because: (1)(More)
The traditional Welsh's grayscale image colorization method for color transferring is based on pixel's luminance information only. The method generally cannot ensure the continuity of image transferring effect in space. This paper presents a color transfer algorithm based on neighborhood correlation and optimization techniques, which not only considers(More)
We propose a theoretical protocol for preparing four-photon polarization entangled decoherence-free states, which are immune to the collective noise. With the assistance of the cross-Kerr nonlinearities, a two-photon spatial entanglement gate, two controlled-NOT gates, a four-photon polarization entanglement gate are inserted into the circuit, where X(More)
Reliable detection of intrusion is the basis of safety in cognitive radio networks (CRNs). So far, few scholars applied intrusion detection systems (IDSs) to combat intrusion against CRNs. In order to improve the performance of intrusion detection in CRNs, a distributed intrusion detection scheme has been proposed. In this paper, a method base on(More)
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