Meiyu Huang

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Since satellite communications have developed towards personal and mobile communication, they become indispensable portions in global communications. Transmission power and available frequency band are restricted by the satellite inherent characteristic. So, a new resource management strategy is required for satellite communications. Spot beam technique is(More)
Biomedical science has proven that human brain fiber tracts have correspondent relationship with the physiological functions, and it has important medical significance to cluster the brain fibers accurately. But because of the huge number of brain fibers, manually segmenting brain fibers will result in time and effort consuming. And for the extreme(More)
Moving-object segmentation is the key issue of Telepresence systems. With monocular camera--based segmentation methods, desirable segmentation results are hard to obtain in challenging scenes with ambiguous color, illumination changes, and shadows. Approaches based on depth sensors often cause holes inside the object and missegmentations on the object(More)
With the social development, the demand of a natural remote communication platform for distributed families has greatly emerged. This work presents a Tele-Immersive Photograph system (TI-Photograph), which allows children and their remote parents to take pictures together in a virtual space with interactive behaviors. First, we propose a robust video object(More)