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Oxidative stress plays a critical role in endothelial injury and the pathogenesis of diverse cardiovascular diseases, including atherosclerosis. Isoquercitrin (quercetin-3-glucoside), a flavonoid distributed widely in plants, exhibits many biological activities, including anti-allergic, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidative effects. In the(More)
Modeling and Analysis of Real-Time and Embedded Systems specification (MARTE) is a profile of the Unified Modeling Language (UML) for model driven development of real-time and embedded systems. To describe formally the semantics of MARTE sequence diagram (MARTE SD), we introduce the timing pi-calculus, a new variant of the pi-calculus, in this paper. The(More)
The Sequence Diagram (SD) with time properties is frequently used in the preliminary developing phase of embedded real time system, however, it is not easy to verify due to its informal semantics. An extended time Petri net (TPN) with \emph{weak} semantics–TLOPNforSD–is defined and proved to be decidable as far as reach ability, boundedness(More)
The Sequence Diagram(SD) of UML2.0 enriches those of previous versions by two new operators, assert and negate, for specifying required and forbidden behaviors. The semantics of SD, however, being based on pairs of valid and invalid sets of traces, is inadequate, and prevents the new operators from being used effectively. The semantic confusions between(More)
Most of existing formal models for BPEL based Web Services composition are without description of dead-path-elimination semantics. There are Petri net based models describing the dead-path-elimination semantics, while the models are too big to handle large scale processes. In this paper, a new model called DPE net is advanced to describe the WS-BPEL process(More)
Network flow monitoring is a crucial procedure for optimizing the network infrastructure for better application performance or security issue. In this paper, we address the problem of Flow Edge-Monitoring (denoted as FEM), for which we need to find k (k > 0) edges in an undirected graph G = (V, E), so that if we place k flow monitors on these edges to(More)
Background and aim: Understanding the molecular biological mechanisms underlying laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma (LSCC) invasion and metastasis is crucial for diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis. We aimed to examine the expression of the tumor suppressor microRNA-204-5p (miR-204-5p) and its target gene, forkhead box C1 (FOXC1), in human LSCC and explore(More)
Social rhythm refers to the general regularity of engaging in basic social activities during the week, and was found to be associated with individuals' positive mental health. The present study investigated the relationship between social rhythm and emotional well-being in a cohort of 2,031 college students over 3 years with a cross-lagged longitudinal(More)
  • Meixia Zhu, Dan Cai, Ada W. S. Leung
  • Front. Psychol.
  • 2017
Studies have shown that number line estimation is important for learning. However, it is yet unclear if number line estimation predicts different mathematical skills in different grades after controlling for age, non-verbal cognitive ability, attention, and working memory. The purpose of this study was to examine the role of number line estimation on two(More)