Meisong Wang

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Internet of Things (IoT) has gained substantial attention recently and play a significant role in smart city application deployments. A number of such smart city applications depend on sensor fusion capabilities in the cloud from diverse data sources. We introduce the concept of IoT and present in detail ten different parameters that govern our sensor data(More)
Content distribution networks (CDNs) using cloud resources such as storage and compute have started to emerge. Unlike traditional CDNs hosted on private data centers, cloud-based CDNs take advantage of the geographical availability and the pay-as-you-go model of cloud platforms. The Cloud-based CDNs (CCDNs) promote content-delivery-as-a-service cloud model.(More)
Despite the proliferation of cloud resource orchestration frameworks (CROFs), DevOps managers and application developers still have no systematic tool for evaluating their features against desired criteria. The authors present generic technical dimensions for analyzing CROF capabilities and understanding prominent research to refine them.
The service delivery model of cloud computing acts as a key enabler for big data analytics applications enhancing productivity, efficiency and reducing costs. The ever increasing flood of data generated from smart phones and sensors such as RFID readers, traffic cams etc require innovative provisioning and QoS monitoring approaches to continuously support(More)
Big Data is revolutionizing nearly every aspect of our lives ranging from enterprises to consumers, from science to government. On the other hand, cloud computing recently has emerged as the platform that can provide an effective and economical infrastructure for collection and analysis of big data produced by applications such as topic detection and(More)
Since the inception of cloud computing in mid 2000, academic groups and industry vendors have developed a number of Cloud Resource Orchestration Frameworks (CROFs) for simplifying the application management. The CROF aids software engineers, scientists, and infrastructure administrators to migrate and manage their in-house applications to cloud(More)
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