Meisam Ghazi Mohseni

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BACKGROUND Although magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) has been shown as an effective diagnostic tool in distinguishing inflammation from neoplasm in cystic brain lesions, the optimum approach in selecting the portions of lesions in MRS and the possible effects of different times of echoes (TEs) remains unknown. OBJECTIVES To determine the most(More)
Moyamoya disease is a rare, chronic cerebrovascular occlusive disease of unknown etiology. It is characterized by progressive stenosis of the arteries of the circle of Willis leading to ischemic strokes in young people and cerebral hemorrhage, which is more frequent in adults. Secondarily, an abnormal network of fine collateral vessels arises at the base of(More)
1 Objectives The rapid growth of the population, especially in developing countries, has led to adulthood phenomenon. This has been conducive to one of the challenges of the public health. Therefore, it is necessary to pay close attention to this age group. Most of the problems suffered by this group age are psychological and physical problems.(More)
The present study examines blood metals levels and health parameters in dairy cows reared in areas around a Pb-Zn industrial complex located near the city of Zanjan-Iran. Blood samples (n = 27) were collected from cows reared around the smelter. Blood samples (n = 25) were also collected from cows reared in areas where chances of Pb contamination of soil,(More)
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