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Light absorption of fine particle (PM2.5) aqueous extracts between wavelengths of 200 and 800 nm were investigated from two data sets: 24-h Federal Reference Method (FRM) filter extracts from 15 Southeastern US monitoring sites over the year of 2007 (900 filters), and online measurements from a Particle-Into-Liquid Sampler deployed from July to mid-August(More)
Human keratinocytes in primary culture stimulated by Ca2+ ionophore A23187(Io) could synthesize and release a material which might aggregate aspirin-treated washed rabbit platelets and was identified as platelet activating factor (PAF) by four methods. Io stimulated the production of PAF by keratinocytes in a time- and dose-dependent manner. The PAF(More)
A facile synthesis of hitherto unreported 3-(2-benzofuroyl)carbazoles 3a-k, 3,6-bis(2-benzofuroyl)carbazoles 5a-k, and naphtho[2,1-b]furoylcarbazoles 3l and 5l is described. The synthesis mainly relies on the ultrasound-assisted Rap-Stoermer reaction of 3-chloroacetyl- (1) or 3,6-dichloroacetyl-9-ethyl-9H-carbazole (4) with various salicylaldehydes 2a-k as(More)
The random migration and chemotaxis of polymorphonuclear leukocytes (PMN) in agarose were studied in 21 patients with psoriasis and 10 healthy controls. Different concentrations of LTB4 were used as chemoattractants. The random migration and chemotaxis towards lower concentrations of LTB4 were enhanced and that towards higher concentrations of LTB4 reduced(More)
ATPase-stained normal and topical nitrogen mustard treated Langerhans cells (LC) in guinea pig epidermis were studied quantitatively and morphologically by computerized image analysis. Significant correlation and linear regression were found between the perimeter and square root of its area for both cytoplasm and nucleus; a theoretical basis was thus given(More)
A comparative study on the treatment of synthetic kraft evaporator condensate was conducted using thermophilic (55 degrees C) and mesophilic (30 degrees C) membrane aerated biofilm reactors (MABRs) and sequencing batch reactors (SBRs) for 8 months. Under tested conditions, a chemical oxygen demand (COD) removal efficiency of 80-95% was achieved with both(More)
We investigated the aggregation of PMN from 20 psoriasis patients (PP) and 12 health persons (HP) to PAF and the effect of PAF antagonist BN 52021 on the aggregation. PAF induced a dose dependent aggregative response of polymorphonuclear neutrophils (PMN) from PP and HP. The aggregative responses of PMN from PP to lower concentrations of PAF were increased(More)