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In this paper, a novel framework for 3D face recognition based on depth information, is proposed. The core of our framework is Spectral Regression Kernel Discriminate Analysis (SRKDA), a method for utilizing a reproducing kernel Hubert space (RKHS) into which data points are mapped. In order to overcome facial expression variation, we first utilize(More)
3D images provide several advantages over 2D images for face recognition, especially when considering expression variations. In this paper, a novel framework is proposed for 3D-based face recognition. The key idea in the proposed algorithm is a correlative feature representation of the facial surface, by what is called 3D Local Binary Patterns (3D LBP),(More)
In on-line palmprint recognition tasks, texture based feature extraction methods are widely adopted for palmprint representation, owing to their high performance. Gabor filter bank is among the most promising texture information extraction tool because of its multi-scale and multi-orientational characteristics. However, it is both time and memory intensive(More)
Study on automatic person recognition by palmprint is currently a hot topic. In this paper, we propose a novel palmprint recognition method by transforming the typical palmprint phase code feature into its Fourier frequency domain. The resulting real-valued Fourier spectral features are further processed by horizontal and vertical 2DPCA method, which proves(More)
In this paper, we propose a method of fixed-length binary string extraction (denoted by LogGM DROBA) from low-resolution palmprint image for developing palmprint template protection technology. In order to extract reliable (stable and discriminative) bits, multi-bit equal-probabilityinterval quantization and detection rate optimized bit allocation (DROBA)(More)