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Fluorimetric titrations were used to determine apparent dissociation constants of the all-trans isomers of retinol, retinoic acid, retinyl acetate and retinyl palmitate to human-retinol binding protein and chicken-retinol binding protein. Enhancement of the fluorescence of retinol and retinyl acetate when bound to the protein was utilized to establish the(More)
In a recent study (Tafet, Toister-Achituv, & Shinitzky, 2001), we demonstrated that cortisol induces an increase in the expression of the gene coding for the serotonin transporter, associated with a subsequent elevation in the uptake of serotonin. This stimulatory effect, produced upon incubation with cortisol in vitro, was observed in peripheral blood(More)
Microviscosity (n) of the cell membrane lipid layer was determined in synchronized C1300 mouse neuroblastoma cells (clone Neuro-2A) by fluorescence polarization of 1,6-diphenystratum. The determined n value was maximal in mitosis, decreased markedly in the G1 phase, remained constant at a low level during the S phase, and increased again during the G2(More)
Lysophospholipids are liberated during venomous action. In this study we demonstrated that lysophosphatidyl choline (LPC) of various acyl chains enhances considerably the activity of snake venom phosphodiesterase (PDE). Lysophosphatidic acid (LPA) and its cyclic form (cLPA), on the other hand, were found to inhibit this enzyme in a non-competitive (LPA) or(More)
PURPOSE The anticancer activity of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega-3 PUFA) has been shown in a large number of studies. This study was undertaken to analyze the combined effect of omega-3 PUFA and antioxidative vitamins on the level of spontaneous metastatic dissemination. The supportive effect of this dietary combination on chemotherapy with(More)
A homogeneous solution of a chiral substance stores a residual chemical potential, related to its overall anisotropy. Therefore, by mixing solutions of opposite enantiomers, heat release may take place, corresponding to the mutual anisotropy annulment. In the following study we present proofs for this fundamental, yet unexplored, prediction by measuring the(More)