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In a recent study (Tafet, Toister-Achituv, & Shinitzky, 2001), we demonstrated that cortisol induces an increase in the expression of the gene coding for the serotonin transporter, associated with a subsequent elevation in the uptake of serotonin. This stimulatory effect, produced upon incubation with cortisol in vitro, was observed in peripheral blood(More)
Stress and depression are characterized by elevation of circulating cortisol, as well as by changes in physiological functions. In this study, we addressed the possibility that elevated cortisol is also associated with the origin and development of depression. We report here that cortisol at the nM-microM concentration range induces a substantial increase(More)
When pH-sensitive molecules are incorporated into liposomes, drugs can be specifically released from these vesicles by a change of pH in the ambient serum. Liposomes containing the pH-sensitive lipid palmitoyl homocysteine (PHC) were constructed so that the greatest pH differential (6.0 to 7.4) of drug release was obtained near physiological temperature.(More)
Membrane microviscosity, serum cholesterol and lymphocyte stimulation in man were examined in relation to aging. A direct correlation was found between the mole ratio of cholesterol to phospholipids in the serum and the membrane microviscosity of the peripheral blood lymphocyte membranes, both of which increase progressively with age. The increase in(More)
BACKGROUND In our preceding study, we assayed in a blind fashion the blood sera of young normal subjects and schizophrenic patients for levels of platelet autoantibodies (PAA). The recorded PAA titers of the schizophrenic patients were significantly higher than those of the normal subjects. This observation has lent support to this test being used as an(More)