Meir Shillor

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A mathematical model which describes the quasistatic frictional contact between a piezoelectric body and a deformable conductive foundation is studied. A nonlinear electro-viscoelastic constitutive law is used to model the piezoelectric material. Contact is described with the normal compliance condition, a version of Coulomb's law of dry friction, and a(More)
This work presents a new mathematical model for the domestic transmission of Chagas disease, a parasitic disease affecting humans and other mammals throughout Central and South America. The model takes into account congenital transmission in both humans and domestic mammals as well as oral transmission in domestic mammals. The model has time-dependent(More)
A model for the dynamics of the Gao nonlinear beam, which allows for buckling, is studied. Existence and uniqueness of the local weak solution was established in Andrews et al. (2008). In this work the further regularity in time of the weak solution is shown using recent results for evolution problems. Moreover, the weak solution is shown to be global,(More)
  • José Ramón, Fern´andez Garc´ia, Weimin Han, Meir Shillor, Mircea Sofonea
  • 2002
A summary of recent results concerning the modelling as well as the variational and numerical analysis of frictionless contact problems for viscoplastic materials are presented. The contact is modelled with the Signorini or normal compliance conditions. Error estimates for the fully discrete numerical scheme are described, and numerical simulations based on(More)
  • José Ramon, Fernández García, Weimin Han, Meir Shillor, Mircea Sofonea
  • 2007
Contact phenomena abound, and play an important role in structural and mechanical engineering. Owing to their inherent complexity, they are modelled by highly nonlinear inequalities. Considerable progress has been achieved in modelling , variational analysis and numerical approximations of contact problems involving viscoelastic and viscoplastic materials.(More)