Meir Herzberg

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Service Convergence is a prospective goal to reach considerable economic benefits in a Multi-Service Network (MSN) environment. Elements such as Multi-Service Provisioning Platforms and Multi-Technology Network Management systems together with suitable MSN modeling are the key underlying components supporting that goal. The paper relates to the framework of(More)
This paper adopts a hierarchical multilayer/ multilevel approach for the allocation, management and control of B-ISDN resources. This approach seems appropriate to present a vertical decomposition of control layers, having different timescales in addition to a horizontal decomposition, derived from the geographical distribution of control units. The paper(More)
We introduce and analyze a general look-ahead approach for Value Iteration Algorithms used in solving Lroth discounted and undiscounted Markov decision processes. This approach, based on the value-oriented concept interwoven with multiple adaptive relaxation factors, leads to accelcrating proccdures rvhich perform better than the separate use of either the(More)
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