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Recently, a laser based on a thulium-holmium-chromium (THC) doped Yttrium-aluminum-garnet (YAG) rod has been developed that produces light of 2.15 microns wavelength and can be transmitted through a low OH- silica fiberoptic cable. This wavelength falls on one of the peaks of the energy absorption spectrum of water. Thus, the THC:YAG laser eliminates the(More)
The diagnostic role of intraoperative cytology (IC) has been demonstrated by many comparative studies. These studies have used sensitivity and specificity as statistical tools, based on binary principles. Statistical methods based on binary principles appear to be inappropriate for comparing anatomic pathology studies which involve significant human(More)
Bioadhesives produced by marine macroalgae represent a potential source of inspiration for the development of water-resistant adhesives. Assessing their adhesion strength, however, remains difficult owing to low volumes of adhesive material produced, low solubility and rapid curing time. These difficulties can be circumvented by testing the adhesion(More)
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