Meiping Shi

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BACKGROUND Bone metastasis is one of the most common clinical phenomena of late stage lung cancer. A major impediment to understanding the pathogenesis of bone metastasis has been the lack of an appropriate animal and cell model. This study aims to establish human lung adenocarcinoma cell line with highly bone metastases potency with (99m)Tc-MDP bone(More)
This paper proposes a fast and robust algorithm for traffic sign detection and recognition. The algorithm includes two stages: traffic sign detection and recognition. In the first stage, Adaboost algorithm based red pixels model of speed limit sign in the Lab color space is built. Then the model is used to extract area of latent speed limit signs. After(More)
To get sufficient environmental information for a teleoperated unmanned vehicle, a matched image with wide field and high quality image is necessary. Image matching is a key point in image mosaic. And the vast amounts of data and complex calculations make it bottlenecked to get a high speed on mosaicing images. Considering the requirements of real-time(More)
Surface reconstruction based on Support Vector Machine (SVM) is a hot topic in the field of 3-dimension surface construction. But it is difficult to apply this method to cloud points. A reconstruction method based on segmented data is proposed to accelerate SVM regression process from cloud data. First, by partitioning the original sampling data set,(More)
Surface reconstruction is one of the main parts of reverse engineering and environment modeling. In this paper a method for reconstruct surface based on Support Vector Machine (SVM) is proposed. In order to overcome the inefficiency of SVM, a feature-preserved nonuniform simplification method is employed to simplify cloud points set. The points set is(More)
The theme of the 9th International Conference for Young Computer Scientists (ICYCS 2008) is Computer and Communications Frontiers (CCF). The combination of computing technologies and communications services will benefit modern people with more convenient and better lives. Following the tradition and success of previous ICYCS conferences, ICYCS 2008 provides(More)
BACKGROUND The recurrence, metastasis and multidrug resistance (MDR) in lung cancer are the tough problems worldwide. This study was to establish a novel chinese lung adenocarcinoma cell line with high metastasis potential for exploring the mechanism of reccurrence, development and MDR in lung cancer. METHODS The cell came from the abdominal dropsy of a(More)
Unstructured road detection is a key step of the Unmanned Guided Vehicle (UGV) system for road following. However, current vision-based unstructured road detection algorithms are usually affected by continuously changing backgrounds, different road types (shape, color), variable lighting conditions and weather conditions. Therefore, a road distribution(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE The recurrence and metastasis of lung cancer is a tough problem worldwide. The aim of this study is to establish a novel Chinese lung adenocarcinoma cell line and its real bone-seeking clone sub-line for exploring the molecular mechanism of lung cancer metastasis. METHODS The cells came from the pleural effusion of a sixty-five(More)