Meino Alexandra Gibson

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The production of collagenase and collagenase inhibitor (TIMP) by various intracranial tumors (25 meningiomas, eight gliomas, seven metastases, four pituitary adenomas, and five others) was studied in short-term organ culture. While meningiomas produced negligible amounts of collagenase, two metastatic carcinomas of bronchial and breast origin produced(More)
Decreased nitric oxide synthase (NOS)-catalyzed formation of NO from L-arginine may be involved in ethanol teratogenesis involving the hippocampus. This hypothesis was tested by determining the effects of chronic prenatal ethanol exposure on locomotor activity and on hippocampal weight, number of CA1 and CA3 pyramidal cells and dentate gyrus granule cells,(More)
Examination of the adaptation patterns of Punjabi Sikh orchard farmers in rural California provides further evidence of ways in which strong ethnic enclaves help to promote rapid economic self-sufficiency among immigrant groups. The discussion emphasizes the need to consider not only the cultural traditions of group members, but also the historical context(More)
This study was designed to test the hypothesis that chronic prenatal ethanol exposure decreases basal and stimulated L-glutamate release in the hippocampus of young, postnatal guinea pigs. Timed, pregnant guinea pigs were randomly assigned to one of the following three chronic treatment groups: 4 g ethanol/kg maternal body weight/day, isocaloric-sucrose and(More)
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