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Prevalence of cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection is 90–100% in developing countries; however, the kinetics of anti-CMV IgG in infants remains elusive. Sera from 112 mother-newborn pairs and longitudinal samples from 41 infants up to 2-year old were tested for anti-CMV IgG and IgM. Additionally, samples from 837 healthy children were included. Of 112 mothers,(More)
Spherical Janus particles are one of the most prominent examples for active Brownian objects. Here, we study the diffusiophoretic motion of such microswimmers in experiment and in theory. Three stages are found: simple Brownian motion at short times, superdiffusion at intermediate times, and finally diffusive behavior again at long times. These three(More)
This study was to examine the effect of estrogen on mechanical stretching-induced cardiac dysfunction in an isolated heart model. The isolated rat hearts were perfused via the Langendorff system and exposed to left ventricular stretching. One group hearts (n=6) were perfused with 17beta-estradiol (100nM) and the other group hearts (n=6) were perfused with(More)
To develop a suitable Saccharomyces cerevisiae industrial strain as a chassis cell for ethanol production using lignocellulosic materials, 32 wild-type strains were evaluated for their glucose fermenting ability, their tolerance to the stresses they might encounter in lignocellulosic hydrolysate fermentation and their genetic background for pentose(More)
Otodental syndrome is a rare autosomal-dominant disease characterized by globodontia, associated with sensorineural, high-frequency hearing loss. Here, we describe the clinical, pathological, and genetic evaluations of a 9-year-old girl with otodental syndrome and multiple complex odontoma.The patient presented with a draining sinus tract in her left cheek,(More)
OBJECTIVE Gamma Knife® (GK) (Elekta Instruments, Stockholm, Sweden) radiosurgery is well established for treatment of brain metastases. There are limited data on patients treated with GK from gynecological cancers. The authors sought to determine the effectiveness of the GK in patients with brain metastases from gynecological cancers. METHODS An(More)
BACKGROUND The cost-effective production of second-generation bioethanol, which is made from lignocellulosic materials, has to face the following two problems: co-fermenting xylose with glucose and enhancing the strain's tolerance to lignocellulosic inhibitors. Based on our previous study, the wild-type diploid Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain BSIF with(More)
With its imitating the perception and behaviors, scheming for instance, of human beings in virtual space, the crowd simulation technique aims at a truthful reflecting of crowd characteristics. However, for the crowd simulation, the behavior control is the crux. It introduces functions like perception, cognition, decision-making and so forth into motion(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare the neuroanatomical characteristics of the deep and superficial tissues at acupuncture point LI11 using a neural tracing technique, in order to examine the neural basis of potential differences between deep and superficial needling techniques. METHODS In order to mimic the situations of the deep and superficial needling, the(More)
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