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—The main objective of this paper is improving the BOAT classification algorithm and applying it in credit card big data analysis. Decision tree algorithm is a data analysis method for the classification which can be used to describe the extract important data class models or predict future data trends. The BOAT algorithm can reduce the data during reading(More)
The optimal condition of spray drying purified flavonoids extract from R. tomentosa berries was studied by response surface methodology. The optimized condition for microencapsulation was of maltodextrin to gum Arabic ratio 1 : 1.3, total solid content 27.4%, glycerol monostearate content 0.25%, and core to coating material ratio 3 : 7, resulting in EE(More)
BACKGROUND D-Lactate is normally present in the blood of humans at nanomolar concentrations due to methylglyoxal metabolism; millimolar D-lactate concentrations can arise due to excess gastrointestinal microbial production. OBJECTIVES To examine the levels of plasma D-lactate in the necrotizing enterocolitis in premature infants. PATIENTS AND METHODS(More)
This paper puts forward a new approach to principal component analysis (PCA) for normal-distribution-valued symbolic data, which has a vast potential of applications in the economic and management field. We derive a full set of numerical characteristics and variance-covariance structure for such data, which forms the foundation for our analytical PCA(More)
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