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The relation between serum uric acid and metabolic syndrome is observed not only with frank hyperuricemia but also with serum uric acid levels within the normal range. The current "normal" range set for hyperuricemia often fails to identify patients with potential metabolic disorders. We investigate the association between serum uric acid within the normal(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Total homocysteine (tHcy) levels are associated with secondary vascular events and mortality after stroke. The aim of this study was to investigate whether tHcy levels in the acute phase of a stroke contribute to the recurrence of cerebro-cardiovascular events and mortality. METHODS A total of 3799 patients were recruited after(More)
BACKGROUND Because human diets are composed of a wide variety of nutrients that may work synergistically to prevent or promote disease, assessing dietary nutrient intake status may be informative. The purpose of this study was to assess the dietary nutrient intake status of Chinese adults with metabolic syndrome (MetS) and to evaluate its possible role in(More)
We exploit the inherent information redundancy in the control path of Networks-on-Chip (NoCs) routers to manage transient errors, preventing packet loss and misrouting. Unlike fault-tolerant routing, our method does not drop packets when faults occur in routers and thus does not increase the burden on neighboring routers. Unlike the NoC interconnect links,(More)
BACKGROUND Hypertriglycedemic-waist (HTGW) phenotype is a simple and inexpensive screening parameter to identify people at increased risk for cardiovascular disease. We evaluated whether the HTGW phenotype predicts prediabetes and diabetes in Chinese urban adults. METHODS Two thousand nine hundred and eight (2908) subjects including 1957 men and 951(More)
Mutual synchronization is a ubiquitous phenomenon that exists in various natural systems. The individual participants in this process can be modeled as oscillators, which interact by discrete pulses. In this paper, we analyze the synchronization condition of two-and multi-oscillators system, and propose a linear pulse-coupled oscillators model. We prove(More)
—We reduce cache supply voltage below the normally acceptable V DDM IN , in order to improve overall many– core system energy efficiency. Based on the observation that cache lines contain mostly one hard faulty cell at these ultra-low supply voltages, we exploit existing double-error correcting triple-error detecting codes, together with cache line(More)
Balancing cache energy efficiency and reliability is a major challenge for future multicore system design. Supply voltage reduction is an effective tool to minimize cache energy consumption, usually at the expense of increased number of errors. To achieve substantial energy reduction without degrading reliability, we propose an adaptive fault-tolerant cache(More)