Meilin Schaper

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Today no detailed ground trajectories exist; although trajectory based ground operations would improve the runway sequence optimization by more accurate taxi times. The aim of this study was to extend the time-based trajectory management to the ground and link it with departure management. A specific futuristic mean to achieve time-based trajectories on(More)
The paper at hand gives a short overview on “DMAN” (Departure Management System), also in the context of Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM). It describes the CADEO-tool (Controller Assistance through Departure Optimization), which was used to support the trials at Athens Eleftherios Venizelos Airport. The passive and the active(More)
This paper reports first results from a workshop to assess the feasibility of a new method of tool-supported timebased surface management. Using high-fidelity human-in-theloop simulations, ground controllers had to manage traffic in adherence to time-based surface trajectories while being supported by a surface management system prototype and a departure(More)
With the implementation of Total Airport Management we expect that the pre-tactical airport planning for a 24h period will be tool supported in future. Usually decisions made and implemented in those pre-tactical phase influence the tactical planning. The paper at hand describes the trials performed with coupled ATM planning systems for the mentioned(More)
Since years it is known that radio communication used by ATC can easily be intruded and is therefore subject to recurrent attacks. Nevertheless the voice communication between pilots and air traffic controllers is still the most flexible and efficient medium especially in a busy traffic environment, in non-standard situations or simply when exchanging(More)
In general, current apron controller working positions comprise a variety of loosely coupled information and support systems lacking a consistent HMI layout and information management. Within the project `Airport 2030' the approach was taken, to integrate as much information and functionalities as possible into one system and optimize information(More)
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