Meike Hermann

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The human growth hormone variant (GH-V) gene is expressed during pregnancy in the syncytiotrophoblast and, as shown recently, in the normal human testis. In addition to the classical transcript encoding for the 22 K major form, intron D-retaining processed mRNAs (GH-V2) have also been described in both tissues. In the present study we analyzed testicular(More)
NON-EXPRESSOR OF PATHOGENESIS-RELATED GENES1 (NPR1) is the central regulator of the pathogen defense reaction systemic acquired resistance (SAR). NPR1 acts by sensing the SAR signal molecule salicylic acid (SA) to induce expression of PATHOGENESIS-RELATED (PR) genes. Mechanistically, NPR1 is the core of a transcription complex interacting with TGA(More)
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