Meijuan Wang

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Thinning of retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL) may reflect neurodegeneration of the central nervous system, which has been reported as part of the neuropathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease (AD). Specifically, AD patients have thinner RNFL as compared to age-matched normal controls. However, whether reduction of RNFL over time can predict those at higher risk(More)
Extracellular ATP (eATP) has been implicated in mediating plant growth and antioxidant defense; however, it is largely unknown whether eATP might mediate salinity tolerance. We used confocal microscopy, a non-invasive vibrating ion-selective microelectrode, and quantitative real time PCR analysis to evaluate the physiological significance of eATP in the(More)
Transcriptional responses of a heat-shock transcription factor from the salt-resistant Populus euphratica, PeHSF, were assessed in transgenic tobacco seedlings subjected to salinity stress. Moreover, their relevance to NaCl-induced anti-oxidative defense responses in higher plants was also explored. Expression of PeHSF was induced by high-salinity (150 mM(More)
Populus euphratica is a plant model intensively studied for elucidating physiological and molecular mechanisms of salt tolerance in woody species. Several studies have shown that vacuolar potassium (K+) ion channels of the two-pore K+ (TPK) family play an important role in maintaining K+ homeostasis. Here, we cloned a putative TPK channel gene from P.(More)
Continuing our search for natural product-based compounds for the control of Brontispa longissima Larvae, 31 camptothecin analogs were first tested for their insecticidal activity against the fifth-instar larvae of B. longissima in vivo. Among them, compounds 6–8, 11, 26, 28, and 29 showed more promising and pronounced insecticidal activity than(More)
Our previous studies have shown that longitudinal reduction in retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL) thickness is associated with cognitive deterioration. However, whether the combination of longitudinal reduction in RNFL thickness with baseline episodic memory performance can better predict cognitive deterioration remains unknown. Therefore, we set out to(More)
A series of novel spin-labeled 4β-[(4-substituted)-1,2,3-triazol-1-yl]podophyllotoxin derivatives (17a–h) were firstly designed and synthesized with significant regioselectivity by employing Cu(I) catalyzed click approach, and evaluated for cytotoxicity against four human tumor cell lines (A-549, DU145, KB, and KBvin). Among them, compound 17h displayed the(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine the epidemiological profiles of hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD) activity in Suzhou, China, and the relationship between meteorological factors and enterovirus71 (EV71) and coxsackievirus A16 (CoxA16) infection. Children < 14 years old with probable HFMD at Soochow University Affiliated Children’s Hospital were(More)
AIM Jungermannenone A and B (JA, JB) are new ent-kaurane diterpenoids isolated from Chinese liverwort Jungermannia fauriana, which show anti-proliferation activities in cancer cells. In this study we investigated the mechanisms underlying the anticancer action of JA and JB in PC3 human prostate cancer cells in vitro. METHODS A panel of 9 human cancer cell(More)