Meihong Yang

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Model checking is an important technique for ensuring the correctness of investigated system. However, the model checking tools subject to the state-space explosion problem, which is an ignored hurdle to the practical application of the technique. This paper presents a case study of model checking the business flow of retail banking System, through an(More)
In the protocol conformance testing, many existing test methods can effectively detect the possible faults of the implementation under test. However, it is difficult to diagnose the found faults in terms of the test results. This paper presents a diagnosable input/output (DIO) sequence, to differentiate a state from other states under a given condition. We(More)
Domain engineering is the core technology of systematic software reuse and the precedent period of software requirements engineering. FODA method and other FODA-based methods of domain analysis have made great progress. In these methods, feature model and feature-oriented modeling methodology are widely accepted. However, they have three limitations: 1)(More)
This paper presents a two-tiered reliable application layer multicast (ALM) solution, called HRALM, to provide lossless ALM services. HRALM builds a domain-based multicast tree, and divides the members into two transport planes (i.e., Plane 1 and Plane 2) in terms of the tree. In any domain, the distance between each member and the domain header is below a(More)
This paper proposes a service-oriented domain architecture designing model to solve numerous legacy systems and complex business requirements in the IT field. This model is centered by the architecture and varied with demands. The bank field is taken as a case to discuss emphasisly how to design domain architecture to exhibit the service and application(More)
The Zhu-Nakamura formulas based on on-the-fly trajectory surface hopping dynamics simulations at the two-state-averaged CASSCF level were employed to investigate the E → Z photoisomerization mechanisms of hemithioindigo-hemistilbene (HTI) upon S1 excitation. Seven conical intersections were observed along the isomerization pathways, which were composed of(More)
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