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A delayed reaction-diffusion model is established to describe the hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection and control, where the diffusion is confined to a finite domain. By using the method of upper-lower solutions, we obtain the sufficient conditions for the existence of traveling wave solutions of reaction--diffusion systems with delay. The travelling wave(More)
An epidemic model with time delay and impulse is proposed to describe if time delay plays an important role in the spread of an infectious disease. Mathematical analyses with regard to the local, global stability of equilibrium are performed. We give out the conditions for global attractivity of the disease-free equilibrium and permanence of the system,(More)
The importance of epidemiology in our life has stimulated researchers to extend the classic Suscepti-bles-Infectives-Removed (SIR) model to sophisticated models by including more factors in order to give detailed transmission dynamics of epidemic diseases. However, the integration of the quarantine policy and age-structure is less addressed. In this work we(More)
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