Meiguo Gao

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Image processing is an important area in the information industry. A crucial research is how to filter noise caused by the nature, system and processing of transfers and so on. The noise mixed with the useful images or signals and brings the researchers lots of troubles. In many research areas related, such as target detecting and tracking, edge detecting(More)
The closed-loop scheme of spatial modulation (SM), which feeds back the selected transmit antenna subsets to the transmitter, is presented to overcome the constraint in SM that the number of transmit antennas has to be a power of two. This scheme outperforms the classic SM due to the limited feedback information. Motivated by reducing the receiver's(More)
The Department of Electronic Engineering of Beijing Institute of Technology is integrating emerging interconnect technologies with other high-performance technologies to meet the demanding requirement of future, real-time signal processing applications. For next-generation, scalable, modular and adaptable signal-processing system, a universal, flexible and(More)
The phase gradient autofocus (PGA) is a state of art technique for phase error correction of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) and inverse synthetic aperture radar (ISAR). It exploits the redundancy of phase error information among range bins by selecting the strongest scatter for each range bin and then synthesizes them. The motivation of this paper is based(More)
An improved Digital Radio Frequency Memory (DRFM) system based on digital channelized receiver is stated, which employs digital channelized receiver to slow down the high speed input data flow, and uses Digital Up Converter (DUC) to generate digital intermediate frequency (IF) signal from digital baseband signal. This system can achieve broad instantaneous(More)
The ever-increasing performance requirement of real-time signal processing applications drives the integration of emerging interconnect technologies with high-performance processors and ADCs. In order to construct a scalable and high-performance signal processing system, we have developed two kinds of flexible signal processing modules based on high(More)
A method of parallel processing for digital channelized receiver to complex signal is proposed to solve the problem of shortage of resources in real-time signal processing. When complex signals go through poly-phase digital channelized receiver, in order to ensure there are non-blind spots and frequency aliasing, the maximum decimation factor per channel(More)
The direct wave and clutter wave cancellation is a key procedure for noise FM-CW (frequency-modulated continuous-wave) radar. Frequency-domain Block LMS (FBLMS) adaptive filters have better performance of clutter (include the direct wave) cancellation in low computational complex. In practical system, however, the chosen of step-size and the tap length of(More)
This paper presents a nearest neighbor fuzzy classifier (NNFC), which is very suitable to process the combined features with different data types and scales. The NNFC does not require the combined features with the same data types and scales, and it is not necessary to perform any pre-processing. It uses the fuzzy membership function to process each feature(More)
The hardware platform design for digital radio frequency memory (DRFM) is the analogue-digital combined circuit with high speed data transfer speed, and the design quantities of the hardware platform significantly affect the overall performance of the whole system. The hardware requirement for general purpose DRFM system is analyzed and the hardware(More)