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In this paper, we introduce new models of non-homogenous weighted Koch networks on real traffic systems depending on the three scaling factors r1,r2,r3∈(0,1). Inspired by the definition of the average weighted shortest path (AWSP), we define the average weighted receiving time (AWRT). Assuming that the walker, at each step, starting from its current node,(More)
In this paper a family of weighted fractal networks, in which the weights of edges have been assigned to different values with certain scale, are studied. For the case of the weighted fractal networks the definition of modified box dimension is introduced, and a rigorous proof for its existence is given. Then, the modified box dimension depending on the(More)
In this paper, given a time series generated by a certain dynamical system, we construct a new class of scale-free networks with fractal structure based on the subshift of finite type and base graphs. To simplify our model, we suppose the base graphs are bipartite graphs and the subshift has the special form. When embedding our growing network into the(More)
In this paper, we consider the entire mean weighted first-passage time (EMWFPT) with random walks on a family of weighted treelike networks. The EMWFPT on weighted networks is proposed for the first time in the literatures. The dominating terms of the EMWFPT obtained by the following two methods are coincident. On the one hand, using the construction(More)
A model of fractal hierarchical structures that share the property of non-homogeneous weighted networks is introduced. These networks can be completely and analytically characterized in terms of the involved parameters, i.e., the size of the original graph Nk and the non-homogeneous weight scaling factors r1, r2, · · · rM. We also study the average weighted(More)
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