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Role of Carbonyl Cyanide m‐Chlorophenylhydrazone in Enhancing Photobiological Hydrogen Production by Marine Green Alga Platymonas subcordiformis
We demonstrated that a significant volume of H2 gas could be photobiologically produced by a marine green alga Platymonas subcordiformis when an uncoupler of photophosphorylation, carbonyl cyanideExpand
Optimizing the formation of in vitro sponge primmorphs from the Chinese sponge Stylotella agminata (Ridley).
The establishment and optimization of in vitro primmorph formation from a Chinese sponge, Stylotella agminata (Ridley), collected from the South China Sea, were investigated. Our aims were toExpand
Formulation of a Basal Medium for Primary Cell Culture of the Marine Sponge Hymeniacidon perleve
Marine sponge cell culture is a potential route for the sustainable production of sponge‐derived bioproducts. Development of a basal culture medium is a prerequisite for the attachment, spreading,Expand
A comparative study on the phylogenetic diversity of culturable actinobacteria isolated from five marine sponge species
A cultivation-based approach was employed to compare the culturable actinobacterial diversity associated with five marine sponge species (Craniella australiensis, Halichondria rugosa, ReniochalinaExpand
Instability of anthocyanin accumulation inVitis vinifera L. var. Gamay Fréaux suspension cultures
The inherent instability of metabolite production in plant cell culture-based bioprocessing is a major problem hindering its commercialization. To understand the extent and causes of thisExpand
Primmorphs from archaeocytes‐dominant cell population of the sponge hymeniacidon perleve: improved cell proliferation and spiculogenesis
Marine sponges (Porifera) possess an extraordinary diversity of bioactive metabolites for new drug discovery and development. In vitro cultivation of sponge cells in a bioreactor system is veryExpand
Improved hydrogen photoproduction regulated by carbonylcyanide m-chlorophenylhrazone from marine green alga Platymonas subcordiformis grown in CO2-supplemented air bubble column bioreactor
To develop an integrated process of CO2-fixation and H2 photoproduction by marine green microalga Platymonas subcordiformis, the impact of algal cells grown in CO2-supplemented air bubble columnExpand
[Significant improved anthocyanins biosynthesis in suspension cultures of Vitis vinifera by process intensification].
The low-production is a ubiquitous problem and has prevented the commercialization of secondary metabolite production in plant cell culture. In order to examine the effective approaches toExpand
Platymonas subcordiformis was immobilized in the alginate-gel beads under the addition of 15 μmol·L~(-1)proton gradient uncoupler CCCP for H_2 evolution. Among 5 different metal cations acted as gelExpand
Significant enhancement of photobiological H2 evolution by carbonylcyanide m-chlorophenylhydrazone in the marine green alga Platymonas subcordiformis
A marine green microalga, Platymonas subcordiformis, photo-synthetically generates H2 but only transiently at a negligible yield when exposed to light after a period of dark anaerobic incubation. AExpand