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The rapid development of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology creates the challenge of optimal deployment of an RFID network. The RFID network planning (RNP) problem involves many constraints and objectives and has been proven to be NP-hard. The use of evolutionary computation (EC) and swarm intelligence (SI) for solving RNP has gained(More)
The performance of differential evolution (DE) largely depends on its mutation strategy and control parameters. In this paper, we propose an adaptive DE (ADE) algorithm with a new mutation strategy DE/lbest/1 and a two-level adaptive parameter control scheme. The DE/lbest/1 strategy is a variant of the greedy DE/best/1 strategy. However, the population is(More)
This paper proposes a novel bi-velocity discrete particle swarm optimization (BVDPSO) approach and extends its application to the nondeterministic polynomial (NP) complete multicast routing problem (MRP). The main contribution is the extension of particle swarm optimization (PSO) from the continuous domain to the binary or discrete domain. First, a novel(More)
The optimal selection of parameters for time-delay embedding is crucial to the analysis and the forecasting of chaotic time series. Although various parameter selection techniques have been developed for conventional uniform embedding methods, the study of parameter selection for nonuniform embedding is progressed at a slow pace. In nonuniform embedding,(More)
Fault diagnosis has played an important role in the identification of fault mechanisms and the subsequent successful isolation of faults in electronic circuits. In this paper, we propose a novel procedure for fault diagnosis in analog circuits. We first generate a set of fault patterns from fault simulation, and our main task is to develop a practical(More)
Many theoretical studies prove the SAW gyroscopic effect and presume that the rotation sensitivity character is of interest for the development of rotation sensors, but these studies are insufficient experimental proofs. The effect of Coriolis force on SAW is analyzed and testified by experiments in this paper. The Christoffel's equation including Coriolis(More)
An approach to analog fault diagnosis for circuits with tolerance is presented based on data fusion. The proposed strategy consists of preliminary diagnosis and decision fusion. Preliminary diagnosis is performed separately by using one kind of fault signatures from multiform circuit responses. The preliminary diagnosis results are aggregated using an(More)
An approach to fault diagnosis for analog circuits with tolerance is presented based on probabilistic neural networks. In order to overcome the difficulties in BP network based diagnosis such as slow learning speed for convergence and easily falling into local minimum value, probabilistic neural network is introduced to tolerance-circuit diagnosis. Fault(More)